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Free Mobile Phones

Free mobile phones are not as difficult to find as you may imagine, as network providers cannot sell their services to people who do not have mobile phones. It is quite sensible for mobile phone service carriers to offer free mobile phones in order to attract more customers whom they can sell an ongoing service contract to. This allows marketing to everyone rather than just to those with the right phones for the services provided.

It isn't just the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality that are being offered as free mobile phones, either. There are so many free mobile phones available these days that service providers cannot just release the lowest quality mobile phones as free mobile phones. In order to stay competitive, free mobile phones must provide everything that the modern user of mobile phones might expect in a portable device. The days of this being limited to calling and text capability are over, with even multimedia capable free mobile phones available.

Are Free Mobile Phones Really 'Free'?

Free mobile phones are generally not without expense, strictly speaking. They will normally require signing a contract for phone service with a particular carrier. The free mobile phones are offered so that you may use the service without the barrier of having to pay extra for a device. While free mobile phones may cost money for service to be provided, they would not be particularly useful without it.

Concerns about monthly costs are not as relevant as they once were, though, due to capped monthly plans. Capped monthly plans that include free mobile phones normally work by charging up to a certain amount of call usage, then providing free service until a further limit is reached. Many people can function just fine with capped plans, enjoying the saving they make on free mobiles and making calls without having to worry much about getting overcharged.

Are There Other Ways To Get Free Mobile Phones?

Sometimes free mobile phones may be offered as incentives for purchasing other products. These are best found at technology focused stores, who may want to sell more of another product or they may be part of a communication package. Generally, though, free mobile phones are best found bundled with a call plan, as mobile phone companies will often provide the best free mobile phones.

What Kind Of Technology Can Be Found On Free Mobile Phones?

As time goes by, free mobile phones get more and more of the great mobile phone technologies available. There are free mobile phones with video playback capability, music playback capability, true ringtones and cameras. Free 3G mobile phones are also becoming much more common, providing individuals on a budget with superior connections and Internet access.

Free 3G mobile phones can also provide lower call costs to overseas friends. With many free 3G mobile phones offering options such as Skype to call users with similar capabilities, keeping in contact with everyone is not as difficult or expensive as it has been in the past thanks to technologically advance free mobile phones.